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rockaway beach

rock rock rock away beach, rock rock rock away beach, rock rock rock away...beach. today we went to basing head, and dug up a giant set of stairs. perhaps the stairway to heaven. WE always suspected that led zeppelin was crazy, but they really do exist. it was just hard to walk on them because of all the sand that was covering them with sand. i felt dizzy when i tried to do a handstand in the water and sand , but it passed as soon as i stopped. shut up. cheatzza pizza is on the menu for tonight my friends, my friends is on the menu too. that was a joke for to lighten up the atmosphere but its not getting any lighter. its getting darker. it must be night time or something. i other news, basing head is really far away from my house. like, come on, it's rediculously far away. if there was a competition for the farthest it would have won indefinitely. the end, little kids. sleepy time!its 7:00, past your bedtime. ahhhhhhhhhhh....
dougcar and andrewcar, aka formal fifth and secret seventh
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