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Grad photos@#$%^&

Ok so its be a while so ill try and remeber how to post. Over under in and out thats what posting is all about. I think i remember now. Firstly i would like to applosgise to dougcar, sorry for the wait bra. Mainly i havent psoted because heck, iv been really busy shiesting old womens and rollings dices, now i know your thinking dices this guy has got to be full of cronk, but its true. I ttally have grad pictures tomorrows so i had to get my hairs cut, what a short notice type deal, i say boo urns to grad f=photos ans hooray to dice parties (dice button parties aswell!) About the whole wall thing dougcar, dont worry about it b hans its gonna be fine. Hey paula car i loved your pictures, they rocked, and i would also like to say the first of several care packages is in the mail, keep an eye out for it. but i will go on this note, A-flat minor. Bye Bye!
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